I am Adonis... I am afraid I do not know the proper protocol for addressing royalty.

–Adonis to Persephone "The Goddess Legacy"

General Information
Race: Mortal
Gender: Male
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Significant Other: Persephone
Ava (former) †
Status: Deceased

Adonis was a mortal man that was said to be very handsome. He was once the lover of both Ava and Persephone, but was eventually killed by Dylan. He know resides in The Underworld with Persephone.


The Goddess LegacyEdit

Adonis was first the lover of Ava but he met Persephone and fell for her as well. He was forced to stayed with both of them by Walter but this causes Dylan to become jealous and he has Adonis murder. Wracked with guilt he felt that he deserved eternal torture for making them unhappy. But when Persephone gave up her immortality and her life he changed his mind and decided to spend enter it with her.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Adonis has blond hair and deep blue eyes. He is considered the most beautiful man in existence and was able to attract the attention of two Goddesses.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit