We don't try to fight and hope to hell that Cronus doesn't try to kill us too

–Dylan to Irene in The Goddess Test

General Information
Original Name: Ares
Title: God of War
Race: God
Gender: Male
Significant Other: Ava (lover) †
Family: Eros (son)
Walter (father)
Calliope (mother)
Nicholas (brother)
Irene (half-sister)
Theo (half-brother)
Ella (half-sister)
Xander (half-brother)
James (half-brother)
Pollux (half-brother)
Persephone (half-sister) †
Kate (half-sister)
Milo (nephew)
Status: Alive

Dylan is the God of War. He is the son of Walter and Calliope and the lover of Ava. He is also a member of the council.


The Goddess TestEdit

Dylan appears very briefly in The Goddess Test, as Ava's boyfriend and a popular guy at Eden High School. He also appears much later with the rest of the Council to determine whether Kate had passed the Tests set out for her.

Goddess InterruptedEdit

Dylan is featured in The Goddess Hunt in two stories; The Love-struck Goddess and Goddess Underworld. In both stories, his fiery personality is shown.

The Love-struck GoddessEdit

Dylan and Ava are in a passionate relationship. So passionate is their relationship, that when Ava is ordered by her father to marry Nicholas, she and Dylan elope together to a small island. They lived there happily for a while, and Dylan even had a son called Eros, by Ava. However, their happiness did not last long and Dylan was called away to Olympus for two years to fulfill his duty as Ares, God of War. When he came back to the island, he arrived to the sight of Ava cheating on him with a seemingly mortal man. However, after this man attacked Dylan, he came to the realization that this stranger was actually his brother, Nicholas.

Goddess UnderworldEdit

Dylan, who has strong feelings towards Ava, kills off a mortal man whom Ava was courting. This mortal man, known as Adonis, was loved by Persephone as well. He kills him by having a boar attack him. This results in Persephone wanting to give up her immortality to save him from an eternity of self-inflicted torture. He votes in favor of Persephone giving up her immortality, as does the rest of The Council, with the exception of Ava.


Dylan is full of rage, probably due to his station and he lashes out at everyone from those he loves (Ava) to those he hates (Nicholas). He is also very jealous, especially to those who have Ava's romantic attentions. He is so jealous at times, that he attempts, and sometimes succeeds, in harming anyone who dares to court Ava.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Dylan is a large broad shouldered man with immense strength. He is, like all Gods, incredibly handsome and physically flawless.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



Dylan and Nicholas have a rivalry with each other, almost entirely one-sided. Dylan is extremely jealous of Nicholas, for being Ava's husband. This rivalry started when Walter decided that Ava would be married to Nicholas. They have many fights over her, Dylan yelling, while Nicholas calm and composed.


Dylan and Ava have a very passionate relationship. Although Ava is married to Nicholas, they still engage in the physical aspect of their relationship. They have a child together, a god named Eros, who was conceived on an island when Dylan and Ava eloped.