It goes by many names, Elysium, Annwn, Paradise- some even call it the Garden of Eden... This is the gate between the living and the dead.

Henry to Kate about Eden Manor The Goddess Test

Eden Manor
The Gate between the Living and the Dead


Eden Michigan


Gates at the Front of the property, portal, death,



First appearance:

Chapter 1, The Goddess Test

Eden Manor the realm between the living and the dead. It is where Kate Winters lived during her testing and contains a portal to the Underworld.


The Gates at the front of the property are seen by people when they die and the river that flows through it is the River Styx. The grounds surrounded by extremely high hedges and contains forests, gardens, stables and apparently a pool. The mansion itself houses a number of rooms including; Kate's bedroom, the Breakfast room, her classroom, Xander's room, Ava's room, Theo's room, Ella's room and Persephone's bedroom. Being the Gate between the living and the dead, both can reside here, but almost everyone that does is dead.