A God is an immortal being, who has the gift of eternal youth and supernatural powers. All of the Gods were either born to other Gods or created by the Titans.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Generally the Gods are flawless. They have eternal youth and the ability to control their physical age. They are all stunning and beautiful in their own right, though they can sustain irregularities from severe injury (i.e Nicholas' limp). Other than that, they cannot be hurt, as broken glass literally bounces of their skin and they do not feel pain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Each God has abilities which relate to their area of specialty. For example Theo, the God of Medicine has the ability to heal injuries (but not pain). They also have a few gifts in common such as Travel and Creation. The original members of The Council are the most powerful, with Calliope being perhaps the most gifted. For mortals who become Gods, the gifts are quite unpredictable and difficult to control at first.


Fading is ending of a God, when they cease to exist. It can either be voluntary (as when Henry wished to end his pain) or involuntary (as in the God of Thieves). Since the Gods do not have a soul, they do not got to the Underworld when the die, they simple disappear.


The Gods are governed by the Council, which is a group of the Fourteen major Gods with the greatest powers. They do function as a democracy, however since Walter has the support of most of his children he basically functions as their leader.