You're study habits were quite inspiring you know

–Irene to Kate in The Goddess Test

General Information
Original Name: Athena
Title: Goddess of Wisdom and War
Race: Goddess
Gender: Female
Hair: Red
Family: Walter (father)
Metis (mother)
Dylan (half-brother)
Theo (half-brother)
Ella (half-sister)
Xander (half-brother)
James (half-brother)
Nicholas (half-brother)
Pollux (half-brother)
Persephone (half-sister) †
Kate (half-sister)
Ava (adoptive sister) †
Eros (nephew)
Milo (nephew)
Status: Alive

Irene is the Goddess of Wisdom and War. She is the daughter of Walter by his first wife Metis and a member of the council.


The Goddess TestEdit

Irene first appears in Eden as the receptionist at the high school and later becomes Kate Winters' tutor. She tests her for sloth, not on the actual exam she gives Kate (which Henry also failed with a lower score) but how hard she worked to get there. After this test she never gave Kate another one. She appears later as a member of the council and passes Kate for Sloth.


Irene seems to have an amiable personality. She is polite and works Kate very hard when she tutors her. She has a very studious habit.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Irene is described as beautiful. She has long red hair and a striking appearance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Enhanced Wisdom
  • Creating
  • Traveling