Unless…someone kind, generous, thoughtful and extremely beautiful covered for you. James, do you think someone like that actually exists?

–Iris to James in "The Goddess Legacy"

General Information
Original Name: Iris
Title: Goddess of the Rainbow
Messenger of the Gods
Race: Goddess
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased

Iris was the Goddess of the Rainbow and a messenger of the Gods. She was also a friend of James who enjoyed irritating him.


The Goddess LegacyEdit

Iris appears in The God of Thieves as a friend to James. Despite being sarcastic and enjoy irritating him she has a strong moral compass and helps him to try and save Tuck and covers for him to Zeus (Walter).

The Goddess InheritanceEdit

The prologue reveals that Walter has sent her to Cronus with an offer of peace only for the Titan to kill her.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Traveling