List of all known locations in The Goddess Test series.

Known LocationsEdit

Eden Manor


The Forest in Eden Manor

It goes by many names, Elysium, Annwn, Paradise - some even call it the Garden of Eden... This is the gate between the living and the dead.

Henry to Kate on Eden Manor in The Goddess Test

Eden Manor the realm between the living and the dead. It is where Kate lived during her testing and contains a portal to the Underworld. The Gates at the front of the property are seen by people when they die and the river that flows through it is the River Styx. The grounds surrounded by extremely high hedges and contains forests, gardens, stables and apparently a pool. The mansion itself houses a number of rooms including; Kate's bedroom, the Breakfast room, her classroom, Xander's room, Ava's's room, Theo's's room, Ella's's room and Persephone's bedroom. 

The UnderworldEdit


The Garden of Jewels in the Underworld Palace.

Don't let Henry hear you call this place hell. He's very touchy about that sort of thing. This is the Underworld not hell it's where people go when they die'.

Diana and Kate on The Underworld in Goddess Interrupted

The Underworld is the realm of the dead. It contains every nonliving in existence in circumstances that they choose. It is currently ruled over by Henry and his Queen Kate Winters.

The appearance of the Underworld depends on the nearest mortal soul and what they believe will be their after life. Rivers of crystal run through the caverns to provide light and the 'real face of the Underworld' is rock. 

The palace Is extremely beautiful and held in one massive cavern. Inside it is 'cheerful' with red walls and manor mirrors like in Eden Manor and 'warm' with gold accents and brown furniture. The throne room apparently shamed the Eden Manor ballroom, with huge pillars of crystal, massive gold and black curtains and a huge chandelier. There are two thrones, one of black diamond and the other white.The appearance of the part where the souls live depends on the nearest mortal soul. For many it is a garden, for others it is eternal torture. In Kate's case it was Sheep meadow in New York, where she had spent many happy days with her Mother. The Gate of Tartarus is in a massive crystal cavern that is 'too vast to see the other side'.



Olympus, the stronghold of the Gods

It had been our seat of power during the War, untouchable even to Cronus and it was the one place where we'd all been safe.

Calliope on Olympus in The Goddess Legacy

Olympus is the seat of The Council as well as several minor Gods such as Iris. Unlike The Underworld, their powers are perhaps at their strongest. All of the young council members were born here.

Olympus is designed 'in the shape of a sun and her rays'. The throne room is in the center with twelve hallways leading from it. The throne room simply contains the throne of the Council members. It was their stronghold during the war against the Titans not even they could touch it.