I ran across Phillip, head of the Stables. He was a brusque man who didn't speak and... he seemed to understand what I was going through

Kate about Phillip in The Goddess Test

General Information
Original Name: Poseidon
Title: King of the Sea
God of the Ocean & Earthquakes
Race: God
Gender: Male
Significant Other: Amphitrite (wife)
Status: Alive

Phillip is the King of the Sea and God of the Ocean. He is the brother of Walter and Henry and a member of the council.


The Goddess TestEdit

He appears only twice in the Goddess Test, once as the Stablemaster of Eden (appropriate considering he is the God of Horses) where he grudgingly allows Kate Winters to help care for the horses, probably at Henry's urging. He appears later as a member of the council but does not speak.


Phillip seems to have quit a gruff personality and a man of few words. In fact he has no speech at all other than in the Goddess Queen. He, like Walter, seems very childish ad has no qualms about sleeping with a married woman (Ava). He does however, like his brother, care for humanity and warred against the Titans for them.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hydrokinesis
  • Earthquake Generation
  • Creating
  • Traveling