We were wondering if you'd ever show dear, how's your Mother?

–Sofia to Kate on Mortal Diana in The Goddess Test

General Information
Original Name: Hestia
Title: Goddess of Hearth and Home
Race: Goddess
Gender: Female
Status: Alive

Sofia is the Goddess of Fire and Architecture. She is also a member of the council and a Virgin Goddess.


The Goddess TestEdit

Sofia appears at the beginning of the Goddess Test in Eden, caring for Kate's terminally ill Mother. She encourages Kate to go to Ava's party, probably as part of the plan. We see her later when Kate comes to the Manor and she takes her to Henry. She appears as a member of the council at the end of the book and passes Kate Winters for greed.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Sofia is described as a matronly sort of woman.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Creating
  • Traveling
  • Pyrokinesis