Don't let Henry hear you call this place hell. He's very touchy about that sort of thing. This is the Underworld not hell it's where people go when they die.

Diana and Kate on The Underworld in Goddess Interrupted

The Underworld
The Land of the Dead


The Place


Under the Earth


Portal, various locations throughout the Earth,



Head of State:

King of the Underworld Henry

First appearance:

The Goddess Test

The Underworld is the realm of the dead. It contains every unliving in existence in circumstances that they choose. It is ruled over by Henry the King of the Underworld and his Queen Kate Winters.


The PalaceEdit

Is extremely beautiful and held in one massive cavern. It is described by Kate as an 'obsidian palace' with a hallway of 'columns' formed by stalactites and stalagmites. Rather than flowers and trees, which could not grow in The Underworld magnificent jewels line the path and the gardens. Inside it is 'cheerful' with red walls and manor mirrors like in Eden Manor. Kate and Henry's wing Is described as 'warm' with gold accents and brown furniture in Kate and Henry's wing. The door to the bedroom matched that in Persephone's room in Eden manor, with a sunlit meadow on top and a garden of jewels on the bottom. The actual bedroom has a cream carpet with red walls and a raised bed with gold sheets.The throne room apparently  shamed the Eden Manor ballroom, with huge pillars of crystal, massive gold and black curtains and a huge chandelier. There are two thrones, one of black diamond and the other white.


The appearance of the part where the souls live depends on the nearest mortal soul. For many it is a garden, for others it is eternal torture. In Kate's case it was Sheep meadow in New York, where she had spent many happy days with her mother.

The GateEdit

The Gate of Tartarus is in a massive crystal cavern that is 'too vast to see the other side'. The actual Gate itself is described as seeming to be part of the rock. There are a total of ten bars which can only be opened by the blood of the Ruler of the Underworld.