To everyone here with my deepest love and affection. What ever happens tonight know that I am proud of each of you. We are family and none of you will be forgotten

–Walter to The Council in "Goddess Interrupted"

General Information
Original Name: Zeus
Title: God of the Sky
King of the Gods
Race: God
Gender: Male
Hair: Grey
Significant Other: Metis (first wife)
Calliope (second wife) †
Irene (daughter)
Dylan (son)
Theo (son)
Ella (daughter)
Xander (son)
James (son)
Nicholas (son)
Pollux (son)
Persephone (daughter) †
Kate (daughter)
Ava (adoptive daughter) †
Eros (grandson)
Milo (grandson)
Status: Alive

Walter is the King of the Sky, the husband of the late Calliope and the head of The Council.


The Goddess TestEdit

He appears in a minor capacity, first posing as Henry's valet and then as Head of the council when Kate is judged. He failed Kate for lust and asked her to accept the council's ruling, which she does and then reveals that she had passed and announced she had won immortality and would become Queen of the Underworld.


Walter has a very petulant personality. He loves power and doesn't particularly care who he hurts to get it. He is also unfaithful and very unfair. He does however seem to care for humanity and his family.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Walter has what he believes to be a 'distinguished' appearance. He has grey hair and a beard looks much older than his (actually older) wife.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Electrokinesis
  • Creating
  • Traveling