Kate: What else are you good at, turning water into wine?

James: that's Xander's specialty, in fact I'm surprised he hasn't turned the dead sea into one big keg party by now

Kate and James about Xander in Goddess Interrupted

General Information
Original Name: Dionysus
Title: God of Wine, Madness, & Ecstasy
Race: God
Gender: Male
Significant Other: Ariadne (wife)
Family: Walter (father)
Semele (mother)
Irene (half-sister)
Dylan (half-brother)
Theo (half-brother)
Ella (half-sister)
James (half-brother)
Nicholas (half-brother)
Pollux (half-brother)
Persephone (half-sister) †
Kate (half-sister)
Ava (adoptive sister) †
Eros (nephew)
Milo (nephew)
Status: Alive

Xander is the God of wine and intoxication. He is the son of Walter and a member of the council.


The Goddess TestEdit

Xander appears in The Goddess Test while courting Ava. He is seen very little but is constantly mentioned by his girlfriend. When Xander attacks Theo in a jealous rage his mortal form was killed and does not appear again. However his deity form is revealed at the council meeting where they judge Kate.


Xander has a jealous personality and apparently a temper. He also, being the God of Wine, probably has a playful side that is less intense.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Xander, like all Gods is handsome and physically flawless.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Creating
  • Traveling
  • Turning water into wine